Thursday, March 27, 2008

Introducing. . . Kinton Syrah

Too many people think Cab is King. Maybe they are the same ones who put their left leg in their pants day in and day out.  The same ones who heed the various warnings on paper shredding machines ("Don't feed pony tails or men's ties into machine!")

Step outside the box with us.  Try something new and unexpected - but still balanced and food friendly.  Take a walk on the wild side with a sexy, forward, red fruit and forest floor. Put our delicate bomb in your glass and attack the steak on your plate. 

Kinton Syrah, Santa Barbara... introducing our inaugural vintage 2005

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kinton & Gen Art --- Is Kinton an Emerging Talent? Or are we just sponsoring a film festival?

Kinton & Gen Art--- Is Kinton an Emerging Talent? Or are we just sponsoring a film festival?

It’s sort of ironic that we chose to get involved with Gen Art, the industry leader in showcasing emerging talent in the U.S. We don’t necessarily fit into their standard criteria of fashion, music, film or art, and God knows they definitely don’t look for emerging talent in a vineyard. But Kinton is a little different: it’s racy, it’s adventurous, and it’s setting a new standard for Gen Art (they just don’t know it yet). Plus who said wine isn’t art? Art is critiqued. Art is felt. Art entices an emotion. Guess what……….so does wine.

Okay, we are sponsoring Gen Art’s film festival April 2nd – 8th. This is your chance to get a taste of some emerging talent, Kinton, while you’re checking out other emerging talents on screen. Kinton will be at every screening and every after party. Come by and give us a whirl. We’ll be waiting.

All movies premier at: The Visual Arts Theatre
After Parties are as follows:
April 2nd, The Park
April 3rd, Kiss-N-Fly
April 4th, Touch
April 5th, Prime
April 6th, Pink Elephant
April 7th, Bowery Hotel
April 8th, Spotlight Live


When it comes to winemaking philosophy, Peter believes it is less about technique and more about preserving the essential taste of the vineyard.

You see, Peter likes to do things the old-fashioned way, the way they did it back when cars were horses and computers were quills and parchment. Rather than being a prisoner of formulaic numbers, Peter makes wines by taste. Intuition and experience are his trusted Sherpas. He harvests when his palate says yes, to heck – and yes, we mean heck ‑ with brix, pH and acidity. He has one foot in the cellar and the other in the earth.

Santa Barbara Syrah: The Perfect Balance

Syrah is one of the world’s most compelling grapes. From warmer climes,
Syrah delivers inky, saturated wines that ooze sunshine and dark fruits. From cooler locales, Syrah is an exotic blend of spices, leather, pepper, and earth.

Kinton is located in Santa Barbara County, one of the most celebrated appellations for Syrah. It’s not by accident that Kinton is located in Santa Barbara. The unique conditions of our region let us create Syrahs displaying both intensity and balance. Kinton is dense and concentrated, elegant and sleek

Did you know this about Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara’s first vines were planted by Father Junipero Serra in 1782. The first winery, an adobe built in 1804, today stands as Goleta’s oldest landmark. Wine continued to be made during the pueblo and ranchero days, but after Prohibition production declined until the early 1970s.