Thursday, March 27, 2008

Introducing. . . Kinton Syrah

Too many people think Cab is King. Maybe they are the same ones who put their left leg in their pants day in and day out.  The same ones who heed the various warnings on paper shredding machines ("Don't feed pony tails or men's ties into machine!")

Step outside the box with us.  Try something new and unexpected - but still balanced and food friendly.  Take a walk on the wild side with a sexy, forward, red fruit and forest floor. Put our delicate bomb in your glass and attack the steak on your plate. 

Kinton Syrah, Santa Barbara... introducing our inaugural vintage 2005


Michelle said...


Last night I went At the opening of Gen Art last night and tried Kinton. The red wine, I fine to be definitely a good up and coming brand. So, since it's trying to get it's start in the NYC market I wanted to recommend a wine store that has been given good reviews by a variety of press. The store, which I have no connection to, but love, is BottleRocket.

The PR team needs to speak to their distributor about this place - it does really good things, and everyone I know would love.

Best of Luck!

alsam said...

I had this wine in Kansas City the other day.