Friday, October 17, 2008

Body, body, rock that body

I was watching Everybody Loves Raymond last night - and just about giggled out loud when one of that characters lamented their lack of motivation to work out after they've been drinking wine. Another character said "I love my body when I've been drinking wine. I feel good."

I came across this article about lack of health benefits associated with drinking wine and supposed reduced brain size. And if you do a google search there are articles and research data to support both the benefits and drawbacks of drinking red wine.

In this month's Bon Appetit there is an article explaining the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, focused mostly on consuming Olive Oil. By the way, the Med Diet also touts red wine as a health benefit.

Somewhere, always there is someone telling us not to do this or that or that that or THAT!

Hot Baths - NO!
Meat - NO!
Fats - NO!
Sugar - NO!
Carbs - NO!

In the end, I'm just going to make my way as best I can in this lovely world and do everything in moderation. So pass the steak, the red wine and daaaaahling, draw me a hot bath. Life is just too short to always be worrried and fretting.

Enjoy your Weekends:)

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