Tuesday, January 27, 2009

just asking. . .

What are you most likely to order off a wine list?
How do you decide what to order?

I just read this dude's blog about ridiculously long wine lists. I agree, TMI (even when it's food related) can be overwhelming. Not all of us are going to plunk down a housing payment to try a once in a lifetime bottle of wine. Although if you know a single man who is willing to do this, send him my way!
I know how I order wine.
Varietal followed by Price followed by Appellation.

So if I'm doing some serious oyster damage I know I want a $25-$30 bottle of either something French from the Loire or I want a domestic Pinot Gris or even maybe a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

But how do you figure out what to order?

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Heather said...

hmm. i'm such a creature of habit with wines. anything with sangiovese or valpolicella usually gets my attention, and i also love malbecs. one of my favorite wines is a barbera d' asti that i get at my local italian store. it's only $12 a bottle, but it tastes better than any other $12 bottle of wine i've had!