Thursday, April 3, 2008

Live from the GenArt Film Festival . . . it's Kinton Wines

Matthew Broderick's film was a hit and shot film, Ctrl Z was a smash. After the film screenings, at the Ziegfeld Theatre, the beautiful people, including Nick Cannon, Amy Poehler and the film's cast & crew headed over to 10th Avenue and 17th Street on Manhattan's Westside for a party at The Park. An outdoor atrium extravaganza.

The line to get in, wrapped around two cold & windy blocks and inside the party was packed.

I was just putting the finishing touches on the cheese plates -

(1. Cashel Blue: an Irish triple creme cheese that I doused in a honey/walnut/black currant chutney & 2. D'Affenois: a french cousin of brie, also triple creme with a wrapping of green curry apricot chutney with tinges of fresh shaved ginger)

- when the first guests came to the Kinton table. As we poured them tastes of the wine, I began jotting down adjectives as they were blurted out in a cross between Cranium and Charades:

Love it! - The taste is great!
Very Nice.
Decent. But with this CHEESE. Oh GAWD. DELICIOUS.
Lovely, very smooth.
Fruity, winter time
Sweet, but not too sweet. I love it. Verrrrry smooth.
Balanced. Nicely Balanced. "

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