Wednesday, November 19, 2008

cork savvy

There are many applications on Facebook, these days. I have 146 "requests" sitting in my status updates, because I'm mostly over adding new boxes, bells, whistles and stuff to my profile.

The exception is a reading application that tracks books I've read and books that my friends are reading so I can find new books to read later.

I wonder if this concept will transfer over to wine ... will people track wines they've liked and abhorred and share notes online?

This cork savvy application is a worth a whirl, just to see what other people are drinking. And of what they drink - see what they love and what they detest. I worry people will lie about the price per bottle of what they're actually drinking. But that is overshadowed by my own eagerness to see what people write about wines.

You know, how they describe them.

I really, really like adjectives.

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Heather said...

i just saw this post and think that it's an amazing app idea for FB. I would definitely use a wine tracker!