Thursday, November 20, 2008

dis and dat

One of my favorite french wines in my collection was of a vintage and vineyard that everyone "detested" and thus the wine was reduced dramatically which prompted me to buy a case of it. I'm chancey like that.

So even though French newspapers are disparagingly calling the 2008 harvest a failure. I'm going to keep my eye's open for deals. And if any of you have a '94 Duhart Milon laying around, I'll come over and share it with you ;)

Château Duhart Milon, 4th Growth A.C. Pauillac

The Rothschilds bought this château, which is separated from the vineyards of Château Lafite only by the small hamlet of Milon, in 1962, and since then much has been done to re-establish the reputation of its 4th growth wine. The 50 hectare vineyard is planted to 57% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Cabernet Franc and 21% Merlot, with a tiny proportion of Petit Verdot.

Château Duhart Milon has the same family feel of perfume and suppleness as the wines of Lafite. Aged in oak barrels from Lafite, this wine has a fine aroma of black fruits, cedar and minerals, with blackcurrant flavours and plenty of subtle wood, hints of liquorice and mocha.

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