Monday, December 22, 2008

the mis-education of Garry K. McGuire, Jr

Copia needs to go away ascertains George Rose in todays Press Democrat. Agreed.

While it is a wildly decadent idea, a foodie's wet dream. It just never caught on.

When I lived in Napa I never once was enticed to visit Copia. My own loss. But at the same time shows a glaring problem. If you can't even get someone who lives three miles away and is a glorified soulful food enchantress to enter your doors - someone who LIVES for food and wine - how the hell can you get Joe 6-Pack into your gates?

Sadly, perhaps like everything else that is "Americana" the copia concept needs to be dumbed down to a Wonderbread and Concord Grape Jelly level. Because the multigrain farmstead loaves with organic stevia-seeped ollalieberry compote doesn't seem to be catching on . . .

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Anonymous said...

You are on the right track. Garry K. McGuire Jr. is deserving of a criminal investigation.