Monday, December 1, 2008

Uruguayan Tannat

You made room for Chilean Carmenere and Pinot Grigio's. There's always space on the shelf for Argentine Malbec.

So how about Uruguayan Tannat?

Acidic and very, very tannic - Tannat is now recognized as the National Grape of Uruguay. It's grown in France, Spain, Australia and in Virginia, here in the States. Used as a blending grape in most places to lighten the load of its astringent body and tight tannins --- in Uruguay the traditional, savory meats of the barbecue are a perfect match for this bold wine.

We like trying new appellations and grapes. You know, being a from a new world appellation ourselves. It's important to open up doors to horizons you've never tasted before.


Mindy said...

I've never had a Tannat before...I'll be on the lookout!

Le Meems said...