Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Under 30

This article, from the Boston Globe, very credibly discusses the preconceived notions diners may have when encountering a wine sommelier who is young, say under 30 years old.

I am more likely to listen to someone who speaks my language despite age. Someone who can cleanly and succinctly describe a wine to me with words I understand. I respect someone who has taken the time to learn the wine inside and out and isn't relying on information passed down to them from mouth to mouth form vineyard to marketing firm to sales person.

A sommelier shouldn't be stuck in the 80's and recommending Chardonnays and Cabernet's left and right with wild nods to the old school big wineries from old world and new.

Give me someone who has taken the time to hunt down a true gem that stands out in price point, taste and food pairing compatibility.

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