Friday, April 4, 2008

Kiss and Tell Fly

After a sombering film involving crystal meth addiction, the Gen Art'ers came out in full force to Manhattan's meat packing district for a dazzling circular experience at Kiss & Fly, a new club on West 13th Street.

It must be said, first and foremost that Kinton Wine Drinkers were the life of the party because noone else sipping beer or whisky came near the dance floor. While Sexy Syrah Drinkers got things going to Al Green and Motown.

Californians know how to do things right. From crafting perfectly balanced wines to crafting perfectly disarrayed dance moves. Whether in a tank, barrel or dance floor - Californians know how to have a good time.


Last Night's overheard adjectives:

Sexy and Spicy
Nice Squared + Infinity
Juicy and Oaky
Langous on the finish
This tastes so good!
Warm and filling
good to the last drop
jumps with pounding black cherries
really good and really nice!"

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