Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Santa Barbara County Vintner’s Festival 2008

The SB Vintner’s Festival was one windy and cold day in Lompoc, CA, but the elements didn’t stop the enthusiasm people have for wine tasting. Wine drinkers from across the country came out in droves to taste Santa Barbara County’s best wines, which include our favorite little wine that could….. Kinton Syrah.

It seems we have a common theme no matter where we travel—people love our Syrah. We actually overheard these comments at the event.
** “Great wine for the money”
** “WOW this is a different Syrah.”
** “Great aroma and texture”
** “This wine is creative and different from every other Syrah that is at this Festival.”

And our favorite………..
** “WHOA! Your winemaker is hot!!!!! Is he single???? Can I give you my card to give to him so the next time he comes to town he could call me?” Yes it’s true:)

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