Saturday, February 21, 2009

hidden items

In alot of internet meme's, one question inevitably is "Whats Under Your Bed?"

And I want to address whats IN my bed today. Thats right IN IT.

- Current issue Bon Apetit magazine
- Gold, glittery sparkly ball from the San Francisco Exploratorium
- 2 Sparkly barrettes that I wore two days ago
- 2 books: "Arriving at Your Own Front Door" and "Anne of Green Gables" (hey I LOVE Marilla Cuthbert)
- Bottle of Fiji Water that never made it over to bedside table
-Hello Kitty Calculator

I think that will tell you more than if we peered under my bed (Two plastic storage drawers filled with tax receipts and returns & scarves).

Happy now Internet Meme's?


Heather said...

bon appetit is ALWAYS a good thing to have lying around!

Hopie said...

Wow, awfully crowded in your bed -- sounds like a party. Good thing you invited Marilla Cuthbert :-)

Le Meems said...

I super heart marilla cuthbert while reading bon apetit recipes :)