Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Virgin Blogger

I am posting my first blog... oooh ahhhh

It's been a crazy week! We are having a heat wave at Yangarra in McLaren vale of enormous proportions, reaching day time temperatures of 115F/45C, and nights as warm as 93F/34C. The Shiraz with some irrigation seems to love it, it's defintely opposite to the Santa Barbara Syrah conditions!! It hasn't been so kind to our poor dry farmed old vine Grenache, because they are bush vines they are closer to the dirt which is sand, which reflects the heat and scorches the fruit, in a normal year this helps with tannin and flavour ripening, doesn't look like we will make a 2009 Grenache. I sopek to the Bernard Smart who planted the vines with his father in 1946, and he said he has never seen the Grenache effected so severly!
The shiraz is just finishing verasion, so propbably around 6 weeks from harvest here, which is about 2 weeks early.

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Heather said...

excited to hear about the shiraz!