Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Camp Drinkalottawinee

What are people's preferred Syrah/Rhone style?

We've come to the conclusion that there really are only two Syrah camps.

1. Features Producers like: Alban, L'Aventure, SAXUM, Mollydooker, Torbreck, Red Car and Rhone Valley producers as Cuilleron and Domaine Marcoux. Think of this camp as the thick, dense, VERRRRY fruit forward, ripe and lavishly oaked kids.
THINK: The big kids, sometimes the bullies, the kids who were strong and really good at sports, football quarterbacks and head cheerleaders who usually had the BEST fake i.d.'s.

2. This second camp is smoothly acidic, more edgy, aimed at spice, earthy, leaner, hints of smoke and wood. This camp includes such producers as Peay, Radio-Coteau, Wind Gap, Shane, Sanguis, Lagier-Meredith, Failla, Samsara. This group also includes the Rhone Valley traditionalists such as Chave (JL), Beaucastel, Graillot and Guigal.
THINK: The debate team, the artists, the all star long distance track stars, the kids who could figure out intense math problems but still rock out the school dance.

So we ask YOU. Our readers.

What style do you prefer and why? What is your favorite Syrah?


Heather said...

i'm not a huge syrah person, although i will have it sometimes. but i totally thought you were starting a camp where i can come and drink a lot of wine. WHY DID YOU TEASE ME?!?! now i'm crying!

Le Meems said...