Monday, May 11, 2009

EWE not EW

photo credit: Ben

Sheep's Milk Cheeses are incredibly earthy, creamy and mouth-coatingly rich. They set the perfect stage for Syrah. Especially Santa Barbara Syrah, in all its bold, bright purple gem beauty.

Abbaye De Belloc

Provenance: Pyrenees, France
Type: Pasteurized Sheeps Milk

Abbaye de Bel'loc is still made in the traditional manner by Benedictine Monks at the abbey of Notre-Dame de Belloc. A French Pyrenees sheep's milk cheese, Abbaye has a fine, dense texture and is high in fat. The milk comes from the red-nosed Manech ewes (an old local breed) whose milk is brought into the monastery from neighboring farms. Abbaye de Belloc has a true Basque character, and it is believed that many centuries ago the monks from the Belloc Monastery first taught the Basque shepherds how to make cheese. Proper care in the right maturing conditions will accentuate the rich, caramelized flavors that make this cheese so addictive. Pair Abbaye de Bel'loc with Zinfandel


Le Meems said...

This is sucha deliciously balanced cheese. I just ate some yesterday!

It is firm yet yeilds. It is tangy yet smooth. Mmmm so savory and tinges of creamy sweet. PERFECT!

pastry studio said...

This is one of my very favorite cheeses. It's rich without being heavy, has a pronounced but delicate flavor, great aroma and texture. Fantastic!